Posted by: coloradokiwi | September 18, 2007

Prepare to soil your armor

There is no way to start a “first post” blog entry without sounding like a git. It is nature’s way: anything born to this world must first be covered in goo and fumble around getting its bearings. So let me pass this first bit of meconium: yes, I really did reference Python in the blog title. So sue me. The point is this: there is no creature on God’s green earth more debilitatingly disarming than the alpine-dwelling pika. No amount of evil is immune from going “awwwwww…wook at the wittuw guy” (well, maybe some forms of evil). This is of course right before said Caerbannog-based pika proceeds to explode through limbs, torsos, etc. (admit it, rodent-induced gore is freakin’ awesome).

What I wish to convey here is a sense of (completely unwarranted) danger for those who underestimate the power of some (semi-)anonymous douche who lives in mountain climes. Of course in reality what I wish to convey is that I’m a dork and I’m childishly amused, as well as occasionally filled with rage.

Oh, and since I was a dipshit when I created my username, call me “Fierce Pika,” or FP.

Actually, “Kyle” will do. Whatever. Just make it clear who yer talkin’ to.



  1. Opening with the word “git” makes you somewhat of a git.

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