Posted by: coloradokiwi | September 21, 2007

Lord….of the dance?

If there’s one thing I’m a sucker for, it’s nicely done internet mash-ups. Possibly one of the best executed ever, of course, is this one from way back in 2005. This started a whole rash of trailers which re-worked popular films, mostly along the lines of some kind of Brokeback Mountain tie-in, in which the main characters were gay. (Well, what did you expect, really?)

The best stuff, however, is short and sweet–simple edits with maybe a little extra sound to turn a famous scene into something else. And I have to say that so far nothing lends itself as well to this art as do clips from the Star Wars saga. Perhaps the very best of these is of course this marvellous little ditty: Darth Vader being a dick.

I would love to wax lyrical about the significance of all of this for media and culture, but for now this is just an elaborate way of sharing my current fave in the genre, once again featuring his eminence, Lord Vader.



  1. Let’s be honest: the best part of his hoedown was when he was playing quietly to himself inside his own helmet.

    Now, what did you think of the Family Guy’s retelling of episode 4? When I think about it clearly, I have to admit that I don’t think it was quite up to Family Guy’s normal hilarity level. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed most of it (but is that simply because I am a Star Wars fan, and I enjoy that kind of thing anyway?).

    One of my favorite moments was the conversation Lord Vader (stewie) had in the Imperial Boardroom about the potential weaknesses of the Death Star. I also really appreciated the Imperial March muzak that played in the lift as they were heading up to the prison level. Nice.


  2. Overall, I thought the Family Guy episode was pretty solid, although as usual the dance number could have been MUCH shorter.

    I think in general I liked the gags that are of that weird category of humor that Family Guy has locked up: inserting the inanity of modern life into the absurd–which includes Stewie’s conversation about the Death Star. The exhaust port part was funny, but it was even funnier when it turned into a conversation linking it to house inspection, real estate rates, mortgages, etc. Similarly, I liked the conversation between the anonymous Death Star operators who were talking about how their supervisor(s) denied their request for a guard rail for patently spurious reasons.

    And so on.

    Also, I thought the conversation about Robot Chicken at the end was good: not only owning up to the fact that Robot Chicken beat them to the punch (and frankly that their satire was even better), but the meta-joke that it’s an argument between Chris (voiced by Seth Green, Robot Chicken’s producer/director/writer) and Peter (voiced by Seth McFarlane, Family Guy’s producer/writer).

    And like you, as a SW fan, how can I NOT like an even moderately watchable SW parody? Hell, I’ll even watch all the shitty fan films.

    Ooh, also I like the dig at Danny Elfman. Man, FUCK that guy.

  3. Oh, and some other bits I liked:

    * “Welp, stay here and rot, you stuck up bitch.”
    * The couch moving conceit
    * Red Five….Red Buttons…Red Fox…
    * The R2-D2 tech support conversation
    * “Intergalactic proton powered electrical tentacled advertising droids!!!”
    * “That was your maneuver? Moving slightly to the left?”
    * “Hold your fire? What are we paying by the laser now?”
    * The death star mall map
    * Dr. Who hyperspace
    * “Kids, you noticing all this plight?”
    * The numerous references to Airplane!
    * Film geek that I am, I also enjoyed the numerous shots that were exact re-creations of the original. Along these lines, there was also a well placed Wilhelm scream, just like in every single SW movie. Awesome.

  4. First off, I never knew what a Willhelm Scream is. Now I know.

    I agree about the dance number being too long, but I am going to have to say that the couch bit was also WAAAAY TOOOO LOOOOONG.

    Lastly, Elfman rules. You blow.

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