Posted by: coloradokiwi | October 9, 2007

A quick addendum on the “luxuries” of the poor

1. Have the conservative reactionaries stopped to think that having color TV, cable, etc. is cheap enough now that the poor can actually afford them? A century ago it was a luxury to have electricity, carpet, and other things all but the homeless now take for granted.

2. It’s a bit rich to engage in conspicuous consumption, whereby someone’s social worth is tied to that which s/he can acquire, yet get angry when poor folks try to improve their social worth by buying these sorts of items (particularly, sadly, for their kids going to school). So…you look down your nose at people who don’t have sweet gadgets, but also look down your nose at people who get them despite that they can’t really quite afford them? First, you’re a bad person. Second, you probably should be more contemptuous of your neighbors Bob and Jane who just maxed out their platinum card.


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