Posted by: coloradokiwi | October 12, 2007

Getting Gore’d

So of course the buzz is that Al Gore should run for prez now that he has a Nobel Peace Prize. I admit that the propects are tantalizing: an internationally esteemed man who has been busting ass on important policy, who had the majority’s support last time he ran, who may be the one last hope to slow down–possibly even destroy–the Clinton juggernaut. However, here’s why I don’t think he should run:

1. Boy is he useful where he is right now. First off, he can continue to focus all of his attention on his pet project, Global Climate Change. He’s an official heavy hitter in a way that other non-politicos (Bono, say) have had great trouble trying to become. As a non-politico, he can be sent by whomever is in charge as, say, a special envoy and really do some quality work. Or, he can go on his own, whichever. Which brings me to…

2. Imagine that instead of president, Gore is in a Dem cabinet. There are several advantages here. First, Gore is a large enough figure he can take heat all by his lonesome as a means of insulating the president from the president’s political enemies (see Rumsfeld, Donald). Secondly, this once again allows Gore to focus on his pet projects, only with the aid of a huge bureaucracy at his disposal. Third, let’s look at the possibility of the Colin Powell factor: a respected figure who some wish would run on his own in the cabinet. This could lend credence to the prez, but if/when things go bad for the prez, Gore himself can distance himself from certain policies and come out of it in a position to still be a viable candidate in the public imagination. Unless of course he pulls the other kind of “Colin Powell” where he becomes a manipulated, ineffective bootlicker.

3. Apart from gaining kudos for his earlier stances on Iraq and Global Warming that are now part of the mainstream consensus, does anyone remember the Al Gore from 2000? Remember the guy who kept saying “lockbox”? Remember the guy whose domestic agenda was about as radical as switching from a red tie to a yellow one? Granted, things have changed and on energy policy, at least, Gore would probably be more radical than the others. But seriously: if Al Gore is really our magic bullet, we’re worse off than I thought.



  1. I like Gore. I really do. But I don’t want him to run. I really don’t see what’s wrong with Hillary. In fact, I really kind of like her. She strikes me as tough as nails, and sharp as a tack. Further, I think she’s got some good ideals. Now, I don’t agree with her on everything, but she is a realist, and we need someone in that office who is going to make some shit happen!

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