Posted by: coloradokiwi | November 11, 2007

Whenever you think your life sucks…

…take the time to consider the plight of this poor kid:

A thirteen-year-old with a medical condition that can result in a strong odour has been banned from using a school bus. The Kawerau College student’s family said he only found out when he went to catch a Kawerau Coaches bus and was told he was not allowed on board. The 140kg boy receives specialist medical care for morbid obesity attributed to a serious bowel condition. He is cognitively impaired, has cerebral palsy and experiences faecal incontinence.

This is a sentence I never thought I’d feel compelled to write: I hope that poor kid’s cognitive impairment is somewhat severe. I mean, the kid has cerebral palsy, is massive due to a “bowel condition,” and has fecal incontinence. And now he’s actually been banned from using the bus, possibly for his own protection but just as likely because he regularly shits all over the place and the bus driver doesn’t want to have to clean it up all the time. Only being a near vegetable could possibly insulate him from the deluge of abuse he must take every day of his life.

But here’s the real kick to the gut:

Kawerau Coaches told the boy’s family that a letter had been sent to the family advising them of the decision. However, the boy’s family say they did not receive it. “My son got so upset and was crying when the driver was told to close the bus door. All his school peers were in the bus watching.”

He had to be told, without warning, in front of everybody, that he was not allowed on the bus. Ouch. And I gotta say here, as much as I think it’s ultimately probably sensible to have this poor wretch barred from the bus, it is really poor form for the school (or possibly it’s the private company who runs the buses) to send a crappy little letter. For something as important, sensitive and totally sorry as a situation like this, you get your fucking ass to their house and talk to the family in person, you cowardly fuck buckets! Everyone knows that kids are cruel. The thing that is either forgotten or swept under the rug is that in all too many cases, educators and administrators get caught up in the bullying and pettiness, too. Some of them are utterly heartless, as many of us can well remember. This poor kid deserved better.

***Addendum: New Zealand is a great country and they have wonderful things that we here in the U.S. do not, like socialized health care. But their education system has many quirky things about it that would horrify a lot of Americans, starting with the fact that there is no regularized or insitutionalized school bus system, and no hot lunch program, among many other things. This is one of the few areas these days where the American system is astonishingly progressive by world standards.***


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