Posted by: coloradokiwi | March 21, 2008

A quick note to Hillary supporters

Hillary supporters, please spare me invectives denigrating Obama, unless you have truly substantive criticisms (which there is more than enough fodder for).  There’s been plenty of ugliness back and forth, and plenty of media whoopsies back and forth (Obama got the golden boy treatment, but nobody ever pressed Clinton on her “experience” until now), but your candidate was never cheated out of this.  This is a primary process, not a coronation.  Don’t become fucking Pats fans, whinging about how “destiny” was averred by some “unworthy” opponent.

That metaphor, in fact, is quite apt:  Clinton, the candidate of destiny, the wielder of a great machine, has been upended by someone who’s worked harder, run a better ground game, played solid defense, and put together a much better game plan.

At least when this is finally over, you won’t hear me shouting some sort of political equivalent of  “Eighteen and one!  Eighteen and one!”:  I started out as an Edwards supporter, and Barack’s had to work up from about fourth place to convince me that he’s the better candidate.


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