Posted by: coloradokiwi | April 8, 2008

Fast Food, and Fast…Women?!

As you can see from previous entries, I tend to find television advertising annoying.  Occasionally, however, it transcends this and becomes perplexing, then alarming, then hilariously horrifying.  Such was the case recently when I happened to catch a new Wendy’s ad.  I couldn’t tell you what they were advertising, because the prologue, if you will, featured something truly astonishing:  Wendy giving me the “come hither.”  The next time the ad came on, I asked my wife if she saw it, if I wasn’t going crazy:  nope, “That is totally the come hither,” she said.

Wendy, mind you, is that twee freckled redhead in pigtails, allegedly modeled after founder Dave Thomas’ own daughter.  By no stretch of the imagination is she even barely legal (g’head, click on it, only the government and your internet provider will know).  And apparently an animated, forever youthful American icon giving me the come hither is going to make me want to come in and buy burgers.  Um…wtf?


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