Posted by: coloradokiwi | May 22, 2008

The Change You Deserve

As has been covered all over the internets and even several major media outlets for the past week, the GOP continues in its pursuit of unintentional hilarity by coming up with a riveting new campaign slogan, “The Change You Deserve,” which is also the registered trademark of Effexor, an anti-depressant.  Given GOP prospects in the upcoming election on nearly every front, the irony was too much to pass up.

I guess in a sense that’s the best part of the joke, but for me this goes much further.  First of all, from the point of view of people who have become disaffected with Republican stewardship, “The Change You Deserve” has an almost rapist quality to it, as in “Yeah, just sit back and take it, you were asking for it.”  Secondly, the “deserve” part also implies a particular caricature of the GOP:  their utter contempt for the electorate, particularly those who experience misfortune.  Are you poor?  Well, you must deserve to be.  Did you get hit by a hurricane?  Well, you must have deserved it.  The GOP is so out of touch that they can’t even see how their slogan can be easily misconstrued and give people the heebie-jeebies, rather than reassurance or as a more “moderate” kind of change than what that fornicating secret Muslim whitey-exeterminator has in mind.  

Apart from all of this, of course, the campaign slogan positively reeks of desperation.  They’ve been in lockstep with the guy running the place for the last eight years, and they ran ALL branches of government up to 2006, and still have a big enough minority to help set the agenda, and they are talking about change?  Add to this the series of ham-fisted ad campaigns brought to us in spooky vision (which indicates a mindset that’s half in 2002 and half in 1994), and hilariously astounding screw-ups like Mount Macaca, and it becomes clear that the GOP positively reeks of flopsweat these days, doesn’t it?  

For awhile there, the GOP seemed like kind of a cross between the Nazis that only populate the universe of the Indiana Jones series, and the Empire (although many people compare Dick Cheney to Darth Vader, he’s so obviously Emperor Palpatine), more and more they’re gradually morphing into Ted Buckland.  I mean they’re not quite there (we can hope, right?), but the signs are there.  First, there’s the idealism mired by incompetence.  Once people finally pegged Ted for being incompetent, I’m guessing that’s when his lack of self-esteem, his anxiety, his cowardliness, etc., all started to really take over.  Maybe one day this particular brand of conservative will be just like that:  you can’t really ever quite get rid of them, but they’ve lost all credibility with the vast majority of the electorate.


The future of the GOP



  1. yeah, just weird. I would have expected something a bit more innovative from that party that’s done so well mixing the message over the last few years.

    anyhow, related, and damn funny:

  2. Me fart smell of saltine crackers. Now me hungry for soup.

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