Posted by: coloradokiwi | June 13, 2008

How to defeat the uber-crazies: Become a Judo Master

There has been much haymaking of late (although sadly no haymaking) about the Obama campaign’s new site devoted entirely to debunking scurrilous smears.  Although some critics note that (1) it’s dangerous to even dignify such smears by addressing them and (2) it’s possible that some voters may encounter heretofore unheard of smears and find the smears to be more credible than the debunking of them, I think on the whole this is a really smart move.  I have myself seen a number of crazy things forwarded to me about the Obamas, and it’s best to take this head on rather than just let it happen, like the Kerry campaign stupidly did with the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth back in 2004.  

But there’s also an unspoken understanding about the purpose of this site:  its appeal is to people who might be swayed by the emails, but who may accept any reasonable debunking of them.  In other words, they’re for people who are only marginally racist, only marginally fearful of who Obama really is, only marginally capable of getting worked up by such stoked fears, who would otherwise vote for Obama.  That, and/or it’s for Obama supporters to quickly debunk these things on their own, to give them ammunition.  

But let’s face it, there is a significant segment of the population who are desperate to believe in these smears for myriad reasons, who would never vote for Obama anyway, and who are spreading these things because they want to rally people to vote against Obama who are currently unimpressed with McCain.  White, conservative evangelicals in particular are the targets of these smears:  people who might otherwise sit out this election unless they are convinced that voting against Obama is not just a matter of policy, but of vital importance for the very soul of the nation.  No amount of debunking, least of all from Obama’s own campaign, will dissuade such people.  

Therefore the trick is:  how can we use their own craziness against them?

No matter what the smear is, the basic theme of counter-attack is this: only the extreme evilness of Obama will awaken Americans from their slumber, therefore Obama needs to be elected so that a truly righteous nation/cause can be awakened.  To whit:

One rumor out there is that Obama is the Antichrist of biblical prophecy.  This is how to handle this situation.  Point out that if Obama is the Antichrist, then we are nearing the End Times.  If this is the case, then the short period of “tribulation” will be more than worth it to be among the generation on earth during Christ’s return and the fulfillment of God’s plan.  Plus, who wouldn’t want to be raptured?  What better way to pay back godless liberals than have them be left behind?  And, as Patton Oswalt notes, anyone who was killed in the Apocalypse would be in the V.I.P. section of heaven.  So:  vote for Barack Obama, and convince your fundie friends to do so, also!

Another example:  Obama hates white people, because he belongs to a church that preaches Black Liberation Theology.  Now, realistically anyone who latches onto this and is not dissuaded by any debunking of these claims is in fact quite fearful of black people.  They are so fearful, in fact, that they believe that electing a president who belonged to a BLT church would result in some sort of recriminations against white people (otherwise, why would this disqualify Obama from being prez)?  So, once again play into their fear and ignorance.  In order that BLT not succeed, it’s important that its proponents think they have enough power to finally really truly try something.  That’s the only way that “middle America” will see them and Obama for what they are, and as a result we’ll get back to “common sense” on race issues, and the pendulum will “swing back to the middle” (i.e., black folks will stop being so uppity and whiny about all the bad racist stuff that happened so long ago, and they will finally stop blaming “whitey” and get their shit together).  In their hubris they will fail.  But if they never get that chance, we’ll have black racists continue to “stir up trouble” for years to come.  This is the moment, scared closet-case Klansters!  So:  vote for Barack Obama.

And so on.  Basically it’s political judo, using the force of someone’s own stupidity against them.  And it might even help get Obama elected by the very people who may mount some kind of insurgency in certain swing states. And, it’s really, really fun.  


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