Posted by: coloradokiwi | June 24, 2008

“Rest” in “Peace” George

As so many have noted with fondness and grief, George Carlin fucking died yesterday (he did not “pass away”).  George’s legacy to comedy, indeed to the very fabric of our culture, is profound.  Perhaps what I’ll miss most about him, though, is how really truly anti-establishment he was.  Not only did he say “fuck the man,” he questioned the authority of everything from religion to the very premise of capitalism.  He wanted people to just be people, to live their lives, to not be ordered around, be it through governmental agencies, religious leaders, or even laundry detergent.  He was a singular fellow with a sharp wit and astounding grasp of the subtleties of language, and we can only hope his real legacy is that there will be more cultural critics out there just like him.  I had the pleasure of seeing him live on his most recent tour (jeez, like only a little over a month ago), and he was just as sharp, cantankerous and overfilling with righteous indignation as he ever was.

So here’s to you, George.  I know and you knew that you aren’t watching on from anywhere and therefore cannot engage with the outpouring of good feelings sent your way, but for the rest of us “left behind” as it were, thanks all the same.   




  1. I’m so glad you three were able to see him!

  2. Me fart. In bag. Me mail fart bag to you.

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