Posted by: coloradokiwi | August 1, 2008

Random thoughts on a Friday

1.  Has Rick Astley ever been Rickroll’d?  I’m guessing by now he has, which leads me to wonder:  does he think it’s funny that he’s considered so camp as to be a harmless yet hilarious surprise?  Or does it gnaw at his soul?  What happened the very first time he was Rickroll’d?  If it happened merely out of the blue, he may have thought it was a strange sorta ode or a bit of teasing or worship from a friend.  Did someone have to explain the “joke” to him, or did he eventually get it?  Maybe he’s been Rickroll’d but doesn’t “get it”?  Can he Rickroll someone without seeming like a self-serving tool?  I mean, in order not to, he’d probably have to explain the joke, but that sort of defeats the purpose, right?  (Then again, he could put in a “you’ve been Rickroll’d!” tag, or have it scrolling along the bottom, which would probably solve that problem.)


2.  There are a lot of coveted voice acting jobs to have, including cameos on The Simpsons or practically anything on Adult Swim.  But I gotta tell you, I think by far the most fun would be to be a Dalek.  It’s not just that they’re iconic.  It’s not just that crazy robotic modulation on your voice.  It’s not just that at least once per episode you’re pretty much guaranteed to utter the signature line, “Ex-ter-min-ate!  Ex-ter-min-ate!”  Granted, all of those things are super cool.  No, what makes being a Dalek voice actor even more fun is the gradual, but constant increase in pitch and intensity—apparently they get very excited rather easily.  Daleks don’t just flatly scream “Ex-ter-min-ate!”  If you get to play the part of a main Dalek, you will get to say each sentence faster, more intensely, and higher pitched than the next.  There is no point at which the set director will say to you, “Eh, tone it down a notch.”  Basically, you just keep getting more and more hysterical, and imagine yourself as a nearly emotionless cyborg bent on the destruction of everything in your path (particularly “The Doc-torrrr!”).  Plus, they’re a little bit…well, uppity in a fey way, only of course with a lethality and power to back it up.

***Aside:  it sounds like this is the sort of direction for which George Lucas would actually have been better suited.***

3.  Speaking of BBC-produced science fiction, we haven’t seen much in the way of comedic sci-fi in a loooooong time.  There was the radio and TV incarnations of Hitchhiker’s Guide, there was of course Red Dwarf, and so on.  But other than that, an utter dearth of the genre (if you can call it that).  Granted, most science fiction shows have their risible moments (whether intentional or unintentional), but across the board, they’re all dramas right now.  I want another series in which sci-fi is utilized for its best purpose:  to poke fun at humanity’s foibles.  Oh well, one fine day…



  1. re: #1, check out

  2. Haha, marvelous. I love that Rick’s too classy to try to capitalize on this (it’s for the best). But many questions yet remain unanswered!

  3. Um…I totally have that tape in my car and I love it – I’m so glad the global culture is catching up with my personal tape collection. And, yes, I have Footloose, too, so watch out!

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