Posted by: coloradokiwi | February 16, 2009

Tuesday Errata

Ephemera from the ol’ grey matter:

* I’m not sure whether it makes me a good or bad parent, but due to being willing to carrying around my 16-month daughter a lot, I frequently assess a meal’s quality based on whether it can be prepared one-handed.

* Last week, the Dunedin sun was practically blotted out in sepia due to the fires in Australia—that’s smoke haze that has traveled roughly 1,500 miles, mostly over windswept ocean.

* On the one hand, I think it’s pretty great that that GOP is clearly being run by idiots who answer only to Rush’s dittoheads and the talking points from (at least) 1993.  They still think in this economic and political climate, the electorate will hear stories about funds for an endangered mouse which will cause ripples exceeding even the stupidity over the spotted owl.  Christ, Obama gives them a shovel for them to dig their own grave, and the GOP shows up with a backhoe.  

* On the other hand, as much as I support MOST of the Democrats’ agenda, there are far too many Congressional Creatures of Comfort (CCC) who are beholden to lobbyists, and who are neo-liberal pro-corporatists who are Democrat only because they don’t fear the gays.  If the GOP cannot be a sane and useful opposition party, it won’t be long before there really is something to be alarmed about with unchecked Dem power.  Because they are Dems, they will not only not deliver on their purported ideals, they’ll find a way to do it incompetently, it’s really only a matter of time.  Clearly, I don’t want the GOP to actually enact any of their ideas, because that would be monumentally worse.  But so long as they remain about as sensible as the backwards-talking midget in Twin Peaks, what’s to stop the sort of excess that always manages to hold sway in Congress?

* My daughter knows about a dozen or so words now.  She also uses a handful of words of her own creation, including:  “eeyice” (flowers), “wan” (swings), “boogie” (bird), and somewhat disconcertingly, “come” (plum)—none of which we can dissuade her from using in lieu of the proper words.  (When she’s tired, she will often hump the floor— I’m just hoping she doesn’t some day ask for plums when she’s tired.)  For reasons that are much more discernible, however, stairs are sometimes referred to as “good girl.”

* If you were stranded somewhere or locked away somewhere, and you were allowed only one television show, which would you choose?  Most people who make their selection pick their favorite show—something they know well that they really enjoy.  Obviously, you gotta go with this, but there are limitations here, too:  clearly if you’re deserted on an island, you’re not gonna pick “Lost”.  I think I’d go with “Spongebob Squarepants.”  It’s not my fave show, and it’s not like there’s a lot of complexity.  However, it is always zany and cheerful, it contains a number of good pop culture references (intertextuality allows you to effectively double or triple what you’re “really” watching merely by way of reference), and there are assloads of episodes (hey, I freakin’ love Firefly, but there are only 14 episodes in existence).  Basically, it’s everything you want out of the last show you’ll ever see.  Also, I’m guessing Sandy will start to look pretty good if I was by myself, so…why not, amirite?


The good wife immediately came up with a far better and more obvious television show than I did:  “The Simpsons.”  It meets and possibly exceeds the criteria I listed.  This got me to thinking about other very long-running shows with high replayability, including “Gunsmoke” and “MASH”.   She replied with another pearl of wisdom:  if you’re less concerned with quality and more about maintaining newness in your interest, the best thing to do would be to pick a soap opera.  “Guiding Light” has been on since 1952, for pete’s sake.  If you stretch the rules to include current events or documentary-style stuff, you can stretch it back even farther.  In short, you will never live long enough to run out of episodes, short of watching television nonstop.  (Holy shit, “Last of the Summer Wine” is still going?  I used to think as frequently as it was on Prime here in NZ, they’d have to have repeats.  Apparently not.)



  1. I agree with you about the republican party- on the one hand, it’s fun to watch them eat shit and shivver at the certainty of a Barack-driven commie apocalypse. On the other hand, they were once a pretty decent minority party. The trouble with the republicans is that they never shed the dead weight of the dimwits who make up the radical wing of the party. Back in the Clinton days, you could excuse them for coddling gun nuts and social ultraconservatives, because as a minority party, garnering the support of the crazies didn’t amount to much actual policy. Their job was to keep the dems from getting too out of controll, and they were in a pretty good position to advocate for reasonable taxation and fight pork (which, during the Clinton years, there was surprisingly little). But when they came into power, they would have done well to move to the center and kick the Christian Coalition to the curb. My problem with both parties is that neither seems to advocate for policies on merit alone- they overstep thier own goals in order to counteract what the other party has done or will do. Hopefully Obama will take a more clinical approach, and the republicans can make themselves usefull by opposing whatever paybacks the democratic congress has in store for them.

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