Posted by: coloradokiwi | February 19, 2009

Movement Conservatism: We’re in the Matrix!

It comes to this:  in order for average, workaday folks who call themselves “conservative” to sign on to most of the Bush years, they had to essentially become paranoid conspiracy believers:  that global warming is a hoax created by scientists, that Hollywood liberals are responsible for the decline of the culture, that illegal immigrants are stealing jobs, that we’re “winning” our two wars, that tax cuts create government surpluses, that the urban underclass (it’s always the “urban” underclass and not the rural, isn’t it?) are living high off the hog on those fat welfare checks, and so on and so forth.  In short, it’s a world where everyone is out to get them, where nothing they see in the media is ever true, where events that actually transpire cannot be straightforwardly interpreted, and where anything “factual” that conflicts with what they know is true is evidence of a conspiracy.

Basically:  conservatives firmly believe that reality is a lie.  

Where this used to merely be about the false consciousness necessary to be conservative if you are not hugely wealthy, it has now become a form of cognitive dissonance so warped that they clearly also do not believe opinion polls. It is a worldview that refuses to accept that the majority of voters don’t like them or their ideas, and this can be solved merely through hilariously inept attempts at rebranding.  Conservatives who seem to note that reality is, in fact, actually real, are left out in the cold.

What’s astounding about the current civil war among conservatives is that it’s not actually about policies or any meaningful ideas of any sort:  it’s about the very nature of reality—and the people who don’t believe in reality are winning!  Unreal.


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