Posted by: coloradokiwi | March 22, 2009

Big Dog Beta: The Reckoning

On the heels of Big Dog, (which I earlier blogged about here and here), comes the upgrade.  A friend of mine alerted me to this with the subject heading “ohshit!”  Now, I understand his concern, but actually this is small potatoes.  It’s nowhere near time to go “ohshit” (which really is just the more fully realized and circumspect form of “fuckin’ awesome!”).  To wit:

First, I’ll be more impressed when Big Dog is actually kitted out like a predator drone, only moreso, probably I’m thinking with some sort of flamethrower.  Really the only trick with the flamethrower, though, is that suddenly this makes Big Dog a bit vulnerable, what with all that inflammable material.  Nonetheless that seems like a practical application, right?  But ultimately, Big Dog’s biggest liability is that it needs power, and putting this thing in the field long enough to do its job will almost certainly be a challenge from that standpoint (if you want it to function like a real combat weapon, an internal combustion engine is just too noisy and still makes Big Dog very dependent on vulnerable supply chains).  The only logical solution is for Big Dog to find a way to constantly recharge itself.  Some of this can no doubt be done through some form of unfolding solar panels or something, but I wonder whether that will be reliable enough:  if the weather’s bad for too long, then Big Dog will die a slow death out in the field.  

No, the best solution, really, is to rely on existing, proven technology.  

There is an obvious added bonus to this elegant solution in combat terms:  it is pants-shittingly terrifying.  So, we have the ultimate all terrain robot, which can deliver weapons and surveillance by remote, reacts to its environment, and is self-powered, at least in part, BY CONSUMING FLESH, probably that of its vanquished foes.

When flesh-eating, Big Dog Delta comes out—that is the appropriate time to say “ohshit!”


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