Posted by: coloradokiwi | March 22, 2009

Don’t worry, I’m sure someone clever has underwritten SSDS (Seven Seals Default Swaps)

If you think you’ve basically become jaded and used to just how badly the incestuous elites in our government and finance industry have fucked up the economy, I challenge you to read the latest from the brilliant Matt Taibbi.  

Okay, now that you’re done vomiting or possibly polishing your weapons, I have another question for you:  how good are you at farming?  No?  How about carpentry or chopping down trees?  Okay, well I’m sure you’ll learn as you go.  You at least know how to whittle, right?  Okay, great!  I’m going to need someone to fashion the ends of these large logs into points.  It’s no good having a palisade if just anyone can climb right over.  

Yeah, I’m not sure how we’ll manage the sewage without electricity, either.  Might have to cart it out.  Don’t worry, if we can find some hedge fund managers “after” then we’ll have them do it.


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