Posted by: coloradokiwi | April 23, 2009

Friday Errata

* In South Park:  Bigger, Longer and Uncut, the leader of “La Resistance” speaks with a Parisian French accent.  This is done so as to mimic and thereby parody the French Resistance of World War II, frequently portrayed in films as being tough, swarthy and suspicious (among other things).  I have always wondered:  when this film is dubbed in French, how does the joke come across?  Would he maintain his accent, and the rest of the South Park characters speak with a different kind of French accent, like Quebecois?  Any French speakers out there care to enlighten me?

* There are so many things about Facebook that I find to be really insidious.  I do love just one thing about it, though:  I really enjoy seeing messages, updates, and so on from people I used to know way back when (especially from high school).  Of course part of this is just curiosity, but it’s also wonderfully strange, because no matter how we all drift apart over the years, the fact remains that there is kind of a special bond to be had with people with whom you spent nearly every day with for fourteen years.  Some folks I saw nearly every day for most of the time I was awake, since we were in all the same extra-curricular activities, too, which meant practices, events, and off-season competitions and practices.  So, it’s kind of nice to see what these folks, who are an intimate part of my character, are up to.

* My kid has just entered the “I want to walk around in mama and daddy’s shoes” stage.  It’s adorable (and she’s surprisingly adept).

* Like many folks, I’m wondering how it is that conservative blowhards will get out of the corner they’re painting themselves into.  You have people talking about fascism, you have people threatening to secede, you have people fomenting the fatalist fantasies of militia crazies…and this is in the first 100 days of Obama’s four year term.  Where do you go from there?

* I miss New York Seltzer.  Their sodas were delicious, but the main thing is this:  to date, theirs is the only chocolate soda that I thought was actually delicious and chocolate-y—not too cola-like, not too shake-like, it was just right.  Yum.


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